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Out of this world!

Delicious brownies! Right amount of sweetness, softness and she offers a variety of flavors!!! Highly recommend.

Ama's Jam'a
Easy 5⭐️

Aaaaaa what can I say ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
One of the most amazing brownies I’ve tasted! My favourites so far are:
1.Peanut Butter Brownies
2.Matcha & White Chocolate Brownies
3.Marshmallow Brownies

Ama is also so lovely ❤️

Other flavours are also soooo good but ofc we have to pick our faves hehe 😋 I can’t wait to try the new Espresso Martini Brownies!

*Vegan, Gluten-Free & Refined sugar-free options are also available! Try them out on here or her café stockists 🍫👌🏼✨

Ama's Jam'a
Flavour packed, jar of delight

Deeply satisfying, depths of flavour the very essence of a versatile preserve; fruits, brimming full, whilst declaring themselves to each taste bud with resounding pleasure..

Edible Slices of Heaven

I have to confess I’m not a fan off chocolate, but what I tasted will be remembered by my palate as one of my most memorable tasting experiences in my adult life. The the visual look and taste was divine. Unfortunately having an addictive personality it’s best I limit my purchases to only 1 brownie box a week me thinks😊

Peanut Butter Brownie Bar
Darcy Lettman

I have bought these brownies at least 6 times now!! They are the BEST THINGS I have ever put in my mouth! I have ordered for friends and family too and thought the same! Sooooo gooey and fresh

Mystery Box £5
Vin L
Amazing Brownies!

I love Ama’s brownies. The mystery box is awesome! My favorite is the Matcha Brownie but all of them are amazing - homemade, fresh and delicious! I highly recommend.

Crunchy peanut butter & dark choc cookies (Vegan)
Maureen Smith
Can’t believe these are vegan

I purchased these for my vegan daughter, so luckily got to try them myself. I usually find vegan baked goods a bit dry, but I must say, these have got to be the best cookies I think I have ever eaten. I bought another box for myself just now.

You will never taste anything more delicious in your life!

...I really mean it!

These brownies taste absolutely amazing- The Macha and White Chocolate flavours compliment eachother perfectly.
Best brownie I have ever eaten!

Mystery Box £5
Chanel Tchoula

I absolutely love every single one! Matcha is my favourite! Literally placing another order now.

Thank you eat with Ama!

Mystery Box
What a delicious treat!

Absolutely delish and such a fab way to try out all the flavours from Ama's exquisite range baked delights. I ordered a box to share at work which was a lovely way to welcome everyone back to the office and they went down a treat. They were so fresh, well packaged and arrived quickly! You have gained a few more fans now for sure 🥰

Mariama Njie-Ceesay
So yummy!

I'm not a huge Peanut butter (PB) fan, but they looked so good we had to try them. The perfect balance of PB and Chocolate - Delish!
A wonderful high quality experience all round - definitely recommend 💕

Mariama Njie-Ceesay
Super delicious!

These brownies are so DELICIOUS and moreish! You can really tell the high quality of the ingredients and the love Ama puts into making them in every bite. The whole experience from ordering through to delivery was 1st class. Highly recommend ordering from EatwithAma!

The perfect gift!

We sent these as a congrats gift to some family members, and they came back with the following:
Absolutely delicious brownies! Probably the best brownies we’ve ever tasted, highly recommend!

Amazing brownies, fabulous service

Delicious brownies, ordered as a gift for a friend. The brownies were delivered very promptly and received so many compliments! Thank you Eat With Ama!

Delicious and gooey

Best brownies ever! Whole family loved them and birthday girl was over the moon with the personalised panda touches. We’ll be ordering again!!

Sophie Jones
Jerk sauce

This was so delicious! We often add ingredients to other brands but with this was not needed ! It went down very well in our home and will be used regularly!

Honeycomb Brownie Bar
Sy Smith
Simply the best :)

What a gorgeous treat!!!
The brownies are lovely and soft. I absolutely love them.
Thank you, I will be purchasing more xx

Sy Smith
Honey BBQ -Yes please!!!

What a lovely sauce!!! Makes my life so much easier when cooking. Tastes divine and a wonderful change with my cooking. I have used the sauce with Salmon and Chicken pieces with a salad on the side!!

Honey BBQ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ is a must!!

Thank you soooooo much 😃

Wonderful quality

My husband ordered me these as an impromptu treat and they were INCREDIBLE. The quality of chocolate used, the gooey texture and beautiful packaging make these so good I ordered some more myself.

Easily the best brownies we've ever had!

The customer service is really on point, and everything we've ordered has been delicious!!

Saucy goodness

Meals are never boring or bland with eatwithamaskitchen Honey BBQ sauce/marinade. It’s versatile, natural, delicious flavours brings a taste of saucy goodness to your cooking, used as a dipping sauce or, both. Every bite is savoured. New recipes using honeyBBQ sauce are a hit.


Hands down the best brownies out there! #totallyaddicted 🙌


The best thing I have ever tasted!!! Absolute perfection! xx

Marshmallow Brownie Bar
Sy Smith

This was a perfect gift for ME and I had to share so not so happy lol. This is a perfect gift for anyone wanting a little sweet treat. Great idea and packaged very well. Will be purchasing again x

Beetroot Letterbox Brownie
Dorothy Worburton
Now you are in for a treat

This review is so easy to write. I have tasted many, but few are of a standard that you rave about and share experiences with. The letterbox brownies made by EatwithAmaskitchen are on another taste sensation and comfort level. The only difficulty I had was, which was my favourite from the flavours! Packed to the rafters with the wonderful variety of indulgent and chocolaty goodness, where every bite is savoured and reminisced about. It’s a feel good day, every day with an eatwithamaskitchen brownie. Thank you so much ✨💗